Why is the Front Squat referred to as Judoka’s Best friend? Not more than one article on the web has proclaimed such important news which refers to the Squat as the best workout for a Judoka. I can’t argue much about the squat being an awesome exercise, but I believe a trainee with a little amount of experience in the gym can do better.


The most common of all squats is the Back Squat. This squatting technique is mostly used by various weightlifters. It is an extraordinary tool used in improving the equal strength of all leg and trunk muscles not only extended to the ankles, knees, and hips but to control by bending and facilitating its movement. This is by far one of the heaviest exercises one can make use of, but often times, lifters lift more in the deadlift and being heavy means more muscle is required thereby making it stronger more rapidly. It is a simple exercise that does not need lots of equipment. One could develop highly in Judo if one did nothing but squat for 90% of their time in the gym.  Is it really the best form of exercise?


The Back Squat has been blameful for years by gym freaks, as a harmful exercise, with the risk of knee or back aches associated with this exercise has become that knowledge. Well, those beliefs are just incorrect and most fortunately established on the knowledge of those who did not take their time in learning the right way of doing those exercises. A front squat would be no different if it must be carried out accurately. 



The following websites below are examples of how the squat exercise looks like:


Here’s an example of a back squat:


What’s the dissimilarity? I’m sure some guys here are very wise and will assume that one is carrying the weight in his front and the other one at the back, but look closely. Can you see the body coordination when the force of gravity is applied slightly? It strengthens the upper body by making It remain upright. Take a good look at the videos again. Now imagine if you tried carrying the lift from the bottom position using the back squat. It wouldn’t take you very far, right? So, why not train your body in a similar pattern and how are you going to express your strength?


Several people have got a hard time when trying to do front squats. There are all forms of challenges. First and foremost, there are the hands, more specific, the wrists as well as the shoulders too. In order to carry the weight more accurately, you may have to practice the hand position with a bar that has got no weight. As a matter of fact, SGPT wrbsite offers only the top navy seal gear and knives so make sure to check them out. Also, make use of a weighted bar throughout the learning process so as to get the accurate form.  You may have noticed from the picture of the front squatter that he gave a huge gap between his fingers and the bar is slightly touched by the fingertips.



You don’t need to squeeze it tight but rather put a finger there to make a grip so that it doesn’t go anywhere. It will lie in the small hollow made by your shoulders being so bent. If you are conversant with another form of exercises that need you to move the hips underweight like the Romanian deadlift, that feeling of keeping your back in an arched right position is exactly what you want. If you are not used to any of these exercises, visit my website right now! Or look over, an awesome web page! Several people believe that you cannot front squat with any amount of weight that can be done with the back.


I have a strong conviction that with the right training, and a strong attitude, one can move rapidly in using the front squatting of a weight of roughly 85-90% of the same back squat. The main idea here is that your stomach and back muscles are doing a great work in holding your upper body upright. This is very tiring at the beginning, but once you become stronger making use of the lift, you are improving the strength of your body as closely as your legs. Most addicts don’t really have that kind of strength, but most martial artist often does but close to their muscular strengths.


The main reason why the front squat is more superior to the back squat is basically because of its specificity. More or less, it is the additional strength given by the upright figure and best of all is the enormous flexibility that is involved. Most Judoka act with their hip throws by squatting with their feet together, knees separated and on their toes. These postures are often needed to rest with an upright back. This is so, not because it is a good skill, but because the person exhibiting this type of skill lacks the flexibility to do all this with their knees and toes pointing forward or their heels on the floor.


If the heels were on the floor, the hamstrings would be more severely taken up to lift you back up. More muscle, more strength. It is just severely productive. What did Kano say about productivity? It’s impossible to safeguard your feet in front of you without flexing your ankles more or sticking out your butt, but with some flexible work, you can keep your heels on the ground – front squat. Observing the front squat deeper and deeper should be almost the same as the flexibility work you will ever need. One method to use in order to tighten your wrists so that it won’t turn back is to make use of lifting straps.

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